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Welcome to the website for Aikido Mukyokan Jersey, based at Fort Regent, Jersey.

This is the online home of Aikido Mukyokan Jersey (affiliated to Aikido Mukyokan International) offering people from the age of 14 years upwards, both able bodied and differently abled, the chance to learn AIKIDO, a traditional Japanese martial art. 

AIKIDO, on a physical level, relies on using the attacker’s bodyweight and energy against themselves by using movement, both circular and linear, avoiding the attack, blending with it, thus moving the attacker before employing a series of locks, throw and pins to subdue that person without causing undue harm.

Internally, AIKIDO helps to maintain concentration, creates good posture and body mechanics, nourishes the mind and is a  good at fighting stress, by creating a healthy mind and body.

Our fully equipped training facility (DOJO) is situated on the west side of the Gloucester Hall at Fort Regent, Jersey. The dojo is the Graeme Pitman Memorial Dojo is named after the Club’s first Honorary Life President and former Chief Officer of Fort Regent Sports and Leisure Centre.

DIRECTIONS: Entering the Fort through the main entrance, walk up the slope and take the small steps on the left. Walk through the two sets of glass doors (next to the circular Queen’s Hall) and enter the Gloucester Hall. Walk down the side of the arena and the DOJO is the third activity room on the left. Our school logo (seen at the top of this page) can be found above the door of the dojo, a venue we now share with the Jersey Judo Association.twoukesRosh