Classes and Instructors


ADULTS (both able bodied and differently abled)

SUNDAY                                10.00am    –      11.00am

TUESDAY                               7.30 pm     –     9.00pm

THURSDAY                            7.30pm      –     9.00pm       


SUNDAY                              11.00am     –      11.45am


Once a month as and when arranged (after Covid-19 crisis is over)



Róisín Pitman – 6th Dan Aikido; 4th Dan Mushin-Do

Level 3 Nationally qualified Education & Training and Security Instructor, includes Conflict Management, Physical intervention in the security industry, control and restraint, self defence, handcuffing and other mechanical restraints, door security supervisor instructor (UK and Jersey).

Position: Head of School (Kanchō); Founded the School in September 1987


Róisín Pitman commenced training in Aikido on 1st February 1980 under original Jersey Head Coach, Sensei Ezio Chatrian. After six years, Ezio Sensei left Jersey and returned to his home country, Italy. In 1987, encouraged by UK Mentor, Sensei Mike Smith (now 8th Dan), Róisín opened a new aikido club at the Headquarters of the States of Jersey Police. In 1990 she moved the club to a public sports centre, Fort Regent, and opened the classes for the public to attend.

Over the years Róisín has gained experience in training in many countries and benefited greatly from Smith Sensei’s influence and guidance. She was awarded Shodan (1st Dan black belt) in July 1988; 2nd Dan in 1992, 3rd Dan in 1995, 4th Dan in 2000 (Mushinkan Aikido); 5th Dan in 2009 and is currently 6th Dan under Master Yasuhisa Shioda, Head of the Shioda International Aikido Federation and son of the late founder of Yoshinkan Aikido (Master Gozo Shioda), as well as holding an S.I.A.F. Level 6 Teaching qualification.

Róisín, who is partially sighted, started offering therapeutic movement classes to those people with Down’s Syndrome in 2000 and has opened the club up to differently abled students since then.

Róisín specialises in teaching Aikido to the Disabled and is Director of Disability Martial Arts for the Jersey Sports Association for the Disabled.

She further specialises in self protection and awareness for women and also has Level 3 teaching qualifications in Conflict Management; Physical Intervention in the Security Industry; Control & Restraint; Handcuffing and Door Security Supervisor training (UK and Jersey)

Róisín has taught in both Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey, as well as many UK locations and in the Republic of Ireland. Overseas, she has regularly instructed in France, Italy, Turkey and Malaysia.

In 2011 Róisín founded AIKIDO MUKYOKAN INTERNATIONAL and has, in that stable, clubs in Jersey, Warrington, Douarnenez (France), Fenis, Valle d’Aosta (Italy) and Izmir (Turkey). She is also the European representative of Mushinkan international, the association founded by her late Master, Francis Ramasamy, whose son, Franciscus, is now the Kancho in charge of the organisation.

Tim Silvester – 3rd Dan Aikido; 2nd Dan Mushin-Do


Tim started training aikido with Róisín in January 1994. He was awarded his 1st Dan in 2000 and is currently 3rd Dan for Aikido and 2nd Dan for Mushin-Do. Tim has also trained with Sifu Freda Ruderham in Qigong and Taiji and has practised those arts since 2006.